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Wine Is Serious Business 265: The 47-ten Series From Canyon Wind Cellars In Colorado

Back in Episode 232 we tasted some high end wines from Canyon Wind Cellars. Recently, Dan saw a deal on Wine Berserkers to pick up their entry level line up with free shipping, and thought it would make a fun show. This is their 47-ten series, named after the elevation of the vineyard. All three

Blind Tasting

Episode 264: Blind Tasting Chardonnay

Chas picked up three bottles of Chardonnay from around the world to taste blind this week. It was double blind for Dan. Wine #2 was unfortunately corked, but we still had a very interesting comparison between wines one and three. These were the 2012 Matello Richard’s Cuvee, and the 2012 Domaines Leflaive Macon-Verze. What’s your

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The Eyrie Vineyards 50th Anniversary Tasting

On February 22nd, 1965, David Lett began the first plantings of Pinot Noir and other varieties in the Willamette Valley. Exactly fifty years later, we experienced a well curated once-in-a-lifetime tasting of Eyrie wines spanning five decades. In a large room at the Portland Art Museum, flanked by casts of famous Greek and Roman sculptures,

Pinot Noir

Episode 263: Checking out Swick Wines

Joe Swick has worked at many different wineries around the world, and has recently set up Swick Wines, his own operation in Oregon. He’s watched some of our shows, and regularly comments on them. We were curious to see what his wines were like, and picked up a bottle of three current releases. He currently


Episode 262: Three New Wines From Franciacorta

Our friend Catherine with Balzac Marketing sent us a few more samples from Franciacorta. We had tasted three others back in episode 189, and were interested in trying a few more to see what they were like. Franciacorta is a cool region in Northern Italy that has been a DOCG since 1995. All of the

Pinot Noir

Episode 261: A View From The Cellar – 2007 Pinot Noir From Around The World

This show was inspired by a bottle traded to us in Germany by Chris from the blog Weinzeit. Chas thought it would be fun to compare it with other bottles of Pinot Noir from 2007, and dug through his cellar to find the other two. He picked bottles from Oregon and France, making this a


Episode 260: Mosel Riesling Comparison with Ewald Moseler

Episode 260 makes 5 years of weekly content for WISB! It’s strange for us to even say it, but we’re thrilled to say that we’re still having fun. We’re also very grateful for the kind responses we get about the show, and are happy to be sharing our exploration of our favorite wines with those


Wine Is Serious Business 259: A Visit To Weingut Peter Lauer

While in Germany, we were able to do an interview with Florian Lauer, the wine maker for Weingut Peter Lauer. We discussed a bit of his estates history, and taste a range of wines including entry level wines, dry style wines, and his lovely Kabinett that was sent to the VDP auction. Chas was also