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Wine Is Serious Business 295: Joe Swick Visits WISB

After making wine all over the world for a few years, Joe Swick returned to Oregon to make his own wine. We’ve tasted and enjoyed his wine on previous episodes, and he offered to come join us. In addition to his own wines, he brought two wines from Portugal, the 2013 Luis Seabra Granito Cru


Episode 294: 2013 Pinot Noir from Scott Paul over 3 AVAs

Matt brought out 3 bottles from Scott Paul Wines, all from 2013, and each representing a different AVA. He joins us, and we discuss the vintage a bit, as well as the recent transition at Scott Paul. Specifically, we have the D122 from Ribbon Ridge, the Bedrock from the Dundee Hills, and the Azana from

Pinot Noir

Episode 293: Blind Oregon Pinot Noir Across Three Vintages

Chas picked up a great blind show last week, with bottles from three interesting producers from three different regions of the Willamette Valley. He suggested tasting them blind, and proved to be fun and interesting. We taste the 2012 Belle Pente Estate Reserve Pinot Noir, the 2014 Day Wines Johan Vineyards Pinot Noir, and the


Episode 292 : Oregon Riesling for Christmas

After doing last week’s show, we decided to follow up with one for Christmas. Chas had collected three bottles of Oregon Riesling for a show, and tonight was as good as any. Apologies to those of you who were hoping for Sauternes. We still have a nice bit of variety here, and hope you enjoy it. We taste

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Episode 291: Blind Tasting Cameron Chardonnay

Dan found Cameron’s 2014 Willamette Valley and Dundee Hills Chardonnays at a store recently, and realized blinding them together would make a good show. To make it three wines, a natural addition would be one of Cameron’s well known single vineyard bottlings, a 2013 Cameron Abbey Ridge. They take a little longer to release, so

Pinot Noir

Episode 290: Talking Wine Tours and Oregon Pinot Noir with Jack Cranley

Dan and Jack met a few years ago, and through social media it’s been clear that we share a lot of favorites. He does great work with his tour company, which is currently changing names from Backroads wine tours to Backcountry wine tours. He visits a lot of our favorite places, and we wanted to

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Episode 289: An Unusual Trio

While trying to put this week’s show together, we found some bottles that weren’t easy to fit into a flight of similar wines. So, we stuck three odds and ends together, and bring you a trio of interesting grapes that are far from Northwestern clichés. We taste the 2013 Golden Cluster Coury Semillon, The 2013


Episode 288: The Search For The Great American Riesling 20

We’re back this week with three new Oregon Rieslings. Sorry Kris! The two from Paetra came highly recommended, and Dan has been meaning to get more James Rahn wine on the show for a while. Riesling continues to grow in Oregon, and we’re pumped about it! We taste the 2014 James Rahn Hyland Vineyard Riesling,