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Episode 281: A View From The Cellar 1 – Domaine Drouhin Laurene from 2000 through 2010

A while back, our friends David and Heidi invited us to do a vertical of Domaine Drouhin Laurene with them, to capture a snapshot of how these wines evolve, and see how the vintages taste alongside each other. We were thrilled to have the opportunity, and enjoyed the entire line-up. Domaine Drouhin Oregon has a


Episode 280: Entry Level Mosel and Saar German Riesling

Some bottles on a shelf caught Dan’s eye, and bring us back with German wines on the table. An argument about acidity happens, and testing equipment comes out. We taste the 2013 Stein Blue Slate Dry Riesling, the 2013 Weiser Kuenstler Riesling, and the 2014 Peter Lauer Barrel X. Which cup is darker?


Episode 279: The Search For The Great American Riesling 19

Chas was travelling in Colorado, and when he went to pick up some wine, purchased the 2011 Settembre Cellars Dry Riesling on recommendation. To fill out the show, he brought the 2013 Melrose Riesling from the Umpqua Valley, and pulled the 2009 Trisaetum Pashey from his cellar to see how that’s evolved over the years.

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Episode 278: Hand Imported Wine From Israel

While travelling the world again, our friend Matt picked up three bottles from Israel that he tasted at a Hatraklin. These are all new to us, but provide an interesting look at some good things going on over there. We taste the 2011 Mia Luce Rosso, the 2006 Ben Zimra Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, and the


Episode 277: Tasting Sake At Nodoguro With Paul Willenberg

Our friend Paul runs the beverage program at Nodoguro in Portland. He recently asked us in to give us an introduction to sake, and talk a little bit about what he’s doing at the restaurant. We discuss some of the basics of sake production and tasting, and taste the following: Toyonoaki “Karakuchi Kingoro” Junmai, Takacho

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Episode 276: New Wines From John Grochau

John Grochau has previously been on Episode 85 and Episode 124, but it’s been a while since we’ve gotten to chat with him about his latest projects. Grochau Cellars has moved into the old Brooks tasting room, in the Eola Amity Hills, and he brought a handful of new wines for us to taste together.

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Episode 275: Brooks Wines With Jess Pierce

Our friend Jess joined the team at Brooks a while ago, and we’re happy to have finally had a chance to get her on the show. In Episode 207, we talked about the history of the vineyards with Don Byard. In this show we discuss some of the current releases, and Jess’s thoughts on local

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Episode 274: 5 Year Vertical of Matello Fool’s Journey

Marcus Goodfellow of Matello Wines has been a friend of WISB for many years, and recently asked if we’d be interested in doing a vertical of his Syrah/Viognier blend. The Fool’s Journey made a huge impression on Chas, a few years back, and he still talks about Syrah as one of the Willamette Valley’s most