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Episode 350: Miscellaneous 10 Year Old Oregon White Wine

We’re back, with an episode we shot early last summer. A friend gave us a case of miscellaneous wines around 10 years old, and we decided to taste them on camera to see what survived and what did not. Since it was an experiment for us too, we decided to just taste the whole flight

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Episode 349: A Mixed Trio

We had some samples on hand that we wanted to get through before Dan takes off for a couple of months. So, we opened the bottles, and tasted through to find a couple of favorites. Then, we added a special bottle of German wine that we’ve been wanting to talk about. We taste the 2016

Pinot Noir

Episode 348: Vidon Vineyards With Don Hagge and David Bellows

Our friend Carl Giavanti introduced us to Don and Dave from Vidon Vineyards. Earlier in life, Don was an astrophysicist for NASA and participated in the Explorer and Apollo projects. He followed that with a career in Silicon Valley that exposed him to the early days of Napa Valley. Future job opportunities took him to


Episode 347: Blind Wines From Chas’s Collection

Chas has been excited to do this show for a while. He picked out three aged bottles from his collection that Dan had definitely tasted before. He said that they were all from Oregon, but aside from that, all three were poured blind on the show. I hope you enjoy this look at some aged

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Episode 346: Some Pinot Noir and Riesling

This week brings us a pair of Pinot Noirs and a Riesling. We received some samples of Rain Dance Vineyards thanks to Trellis, and enjoyed the 2016 Nicholas Vineyard Rose of Pinot Noir and the 2016 Nicholas Vineyard Estate Riesling. Dan had also picked up a bottle of the 2015 Guillen Family Vineyards Esteban Pinot


Episode 345: Brandborg Riesling From 2005-2009

While visiting Southern Oregon, Chas stopped by the Brandborg tasting room in Elkton. He enjoyed the stop, and noticed a table full of library wines. At only $20 a piece, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick up a five year vertical centered on 2007. That’s an average of 10 years old across the five


Episode 344: Sharing Some Local Favorites with Aviv Restaurant

Dan has known Tal Caspi for a number of years, and enjoyed his food at a carts and pop-ups. When he opened Aviv on SE Division, he reached out and asked us to join him in the restaurant for a show to introduce some local wines that we like. We brought some current release that


Episode 343: Visiting Jeff Vejr at Les Caves

Jeff Vejr and John House are the winemakers for Golden Cluster and Ovum, respectively. These two wineries are on the cutting edge of Oregon wine, working with fascinating vineyards and grapes, and digging deep into our state’s wine history. They teamed up to open up Les Caves, on NE Alberta in Portland, providing a great