Franciacorta is a region in Italy that makes high quality sparkling wine in the same style of Champagne. We were introduced to the region last year, and our friends from Balzac Communications gave us a few samples to check out. Our friend David Speer runs Ambonnay, Portland’s sparkling wine only wine bar, and agreed to join us. We taste the 2007 Contadi Castaldi Saten, the Ricci Curbastro Brut, and the il Mosnel Brut.


Why aren’t you drinking more Riesling?

2 Responses to “Episode 189: Checking Out Franciacorta”

  1. Bobby A Says:

    I personally enjoy the drier Rieslings, particularly those that come out of Oregon and Washington (German bottles can be a bit sweet for me). This is actually partially from watching this blog. I’ve become more comfortable trying them knowing that they’re not all just pear juice with alcohol.

    • Dan Says:

      Thanks! I’m definitely a bit more picky about the dry Rieslings, and it’s a treat to find ones that still show good fruit and aren’t rough.

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