We’ve been on a roll with Oregon Pinot Noir lately, but we suspect that that’s OK with most of you. While looking for wines this week, Dan came across two entry level bottles from some producers that also make very high end wines. We’ve enjoyed wines from both producers in the past, and were interested in how these two would turn out. We taste the 2011 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from Adelsheim, and from Evening Land.

What do you do during the winter?

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  1. Steve

    I’d like to see a show or a few shows where you revisit a PNP an hour later to see how the wine evolved. I think it would give a different perspective and possibly increase a new releases complexity.

    • Dan

      Thanks for the comment, and I agree. We’ve talked about doing a “first glass/last glass” review some night when we can hang out and drink through a couple bottles.

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