Dan picked up a couple of bottles of 2012 German Riesling to share on the show. The 2012 St. Urbans Hof Riesling is well distributed, and the producer has a great track record. The 2012 Josef Bernard-Kieren Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett is new to the Portland market, and neither of us have tried his wines from previous vintages.



How old do you prefer to drink your German Riesling?

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  1. Jim Vandegriff

    Love me some German riesling! Kabinett’s – release to 7 years, spatlese – 7-9 years after vintage, auslese – 12-15 years after vintage. Why? To integrate the wines and allow secondary flavors to develop. I like the way the sweetness fades into the wine leaving an echo of the intense sweetness that once was (especially in auslese) but creating secondary flavors and integration in its place. That said, German rieslings are generally delicious anytime after release.

  2. Chris

    Hi Dan, Hi Chas,

    great show once again! Thanks! 2012 is definitely a great vintage for off-dry and dry Rieslings from most German regions. I enjoyed the various tastings over the last year very much :-).
    By the way, thanks for the obviously very enjoyable Graacher Himmerlreich tip. Over here in Germany I have never seen or tasted bottles from Josef Bernard-Kieren!

    Referring to your question:

    I think it depends on the producer, region and style. Rieslings from some producers (like J.J. Prüm, J.B. Becker, Grünhaus, Heymann-Löwenstein, Karthäuserhof, actually most Saar Rieslings etc.) need quite a lot of time to evolve. I also think that dry Rieslings are far more difficult to asses whether to drink young or aged or at anytime (sorry for the last one, but some GG Rieslings are very “volatile”). I think off-dry Riesling (and sweeter) are far more relaxed about their drinking point. I like them young. But aged they can get far better. Even Kabinetts. If the acid is fine 10 years are no problems for Kabinetts. In most cases it doesn’t matter if you forget your Saar ore Mittelmosel Rieslings in your cellar for some years (and in case of Auslese and above for some decades). I guess I like most off-dry Rieslings anytime 😉

  3. Dana Estep

    Hey guys – still watching, but haven’t posted a comment in awhile. Enjoyed the episode. Neither wine is available around Pittsburgh, but the St Urbans could show up as various of their wines are in the state stores including the 2012 Ockfener Bockstein kabinett which should be good for $22.

    For your question, I don’t drink too many at release although I probably should do it more often than I do. I’m sitting on a case or so from 2001 – all spatlese or auslese at this point I think. I pull one out every so often and it’s remarkable how good they are. With the Finger Lakes, I drink most between release and 3 or 4 years although I’ve started putting some aside to hold longer to see how they do. In the last year had a couple 2006s from Weimer that were very nice.

    Keep up the good work. Dana

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