German wine maker Daniel Immich came to Portland for a promotional tour of the West Coast, and we were lucky enough to get him back on the show. Barnaby Tuttle from the Teutonic Wine Company joined us as well. The two of them took on an ambitious project to make a blend of Mosel and Oregon Riesling, and we taste the blend, and the two base wines together on the show. “The Bridge” is a blend of 2012 Riesling from Germany and Oregon. The two base wines are the 2012 Immich Anker Eisbruch Riesling Trocken, and the 2012 Teutonic Wine Company Crow Valley Riesling.


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  1. C Wells

    Any cases of ‘The Bridge’ going to Germany ? ‘For demonstration purposes only’ of course 😉

  2. Daniel

    way to expensive. We already had to pay tax (US) twice!
    I took 8 bottles with me in my suitcase. So these are the only bottles in Europe!!!!
    My parents were totally thrilled to taste the wine. They love it 🙂

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