Jay Christianson is the wine make for Canyon Wind Cellars, and reached out to us after seeing episode 202. He let us know that the Pinot Gris we tried was a couple of years off of the current vintage, and offered to send us some wines that would better represent what Canyon Wind Cellars is trying to do. Chas and I were excited about the chance to educate ourselves about wines from another state, and we received the two wines tasted in this show. We talk about the 2012 Canyon Wind Petit Verdot and the 2012 Anemoi Lips Syrah.


Where is your favorite place in Colorado?

2 Responses to “Episode 232: Revisiting Colorado Reds With Wine From Canyon Wind Cellars”

  1. Jay Says:

    Thanks guys! Glad you like the wines. Thanks for giving us the chance to redeem ourselves from the old PG off the shelf! If you get the chance to head out this way we would love to show you around the place. And to answer the vintage 2012 was a solid year, in the top 5, maybe not the top total yet. And for me, the best spot in Colorado is Silverton, it’s got it all – save chaos.

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