Jeff Vejr and John House are the winemakers for Golden Cluster and Ovum, respectively. These two wineries are on the cutting edge of Oregon wine, working with fascinating vineyards and grapes, and digging deep into our state’s wine history. They teamed up to open up Les Caves, on NE Alberta in Portland, providing a great space to taste their wines, as well as a great range of fascinating wine from around the world. The use a Coravin to let them do glass pours of older bottles which means they can serve unusually and older wines that way as well as by the bottle. For the show, we taste the 2016 Ovum Big Salt white blend, the 2015 Ovum Off The Grid Riesling, the 2015 Golden Cluster Savagnin Rose, and the 2014 Golden Cluster Ode To Chuck Semillon.

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