This week brings us a pair of Pinot Noirs and a Riesling. We received some samples of Rain Dance Vineyards thanks to Trellis, and enjoyed the 2016 Nicholas Vineyard Rose of Pinot Noir and the 2016 Nicholas Vineyard Estate Riesling. Dan had also picked up a bottle of the 2015 Guillen Family Vineyards Esteban Pinot Noir.

One Response to “Episode 346: Some Pinot Noir and Riesling”

  1. Steve Krug Says:

    I know you didn’t ask but my favoritePinots under $30 include Cameron, Vincent, Goodfellow, Guillen, GC, Evesham. I too was at the 503 event and took home Guillen. It was the best Pinot there. You guys nailed it, the texture makes this wine unique. Going to do my best to make it to WWS Sept 13. You guys should try too.

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