For this show, we wanted to check in on some Oregon Pinot Noir that we’ve been holding on to for a few years. Some of these wines have been on the show before, but they, like us, have aged. We try the 2010 DePonte Cellars Dundee Hills Pinot Noir, the 2012 J Christopher Sarah Adele Pinot Noir, and the 2011 Domaine Drouhin Dundee Hills Pinot Noir.

Chas has been excited to do this show for a while. He picked out three aged bottles from his collection that Dan had definitely tasted before. He said that they were all from Oregon, but aside from that, all three were poured blind on the show. I hope you enjoy this look at some aged wines from some great local producers. Inside the bags are the 2008 Brick House Les Dijonnais Pinot Noir, the 2007 Johan Vineyards Three Barrel Pinot Noir, and the 2010 Cameron Clos Electrique Chardonnay.

Chas picked out three bottles of Riesling for Dan to try double blind, knowing they could come from anywhere in the world. He selected the 2013 Elk Cove Late Harvest Riesling, the 2013 Dönnhoff Riesling, and the 2010 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Margaret River Riesling. What is your favorite pan fried fish?

Chas picked up three bottles of Chardonnay from around the world to taste blind this week. It was double blind for Dan. Wine #2 was unfortunately corked, but we still had a very interesting comparison between wines one and three. These were the 2012 Matello Richard’s Cuvee, and the 2012 Domaines Leflaive Macon-Verze. What’s your weird hobby?

We had a good time tasting blind sparkling wine last year, and it was well received. The decision to do it again was easy. Thanks to Matt for the Japanese monkey blind bags. We now have two sets of blind bags to choose from! Chas picked out the wines, so they were single blind for him, and double blind for Dan. In the monkey socks were the Mont Marcal Brut Cava Reserva, the Sokol Blosser Evolution Sparkling Wine, and the Andre Clouet Champagne.


If you’re buying sparkling wine for $25 or less that isn’t from Champagne or California, what do you pick?

Chas picked up 3 wines with the intent of tasting them blind, and making it tricky. He picked bottles from 2010, 2011, and 2012, and tried to pick producers whose style differs a bit from the general impression of each of these vintages. He wanted to make it tricky. Our friend Matt joins us again, so two of us are giving double blind impressions while Chas tastes single blind. We taste the 2010 Belle Pente Pinot Noir from the Belle Pente vineyard, the 2011 Ayers Perspective, and the 2012 Matello Hommage.



When have you been most surprised by a blind tasting?


We had fun doing a show like this last year, and wanted to do it again. Chas picked out three bottles of sparkling wine from different regions, and we tasted them blind on the show. Two showed well, but unfortunately one of them was suffering from some sort of a flaw. Whether it was due to storage, packaging, or production, we’re not sure. The healthy two were the Marie-Courtin Resonance Champagne, and the 2010 Argyle Brut Grower Series. We still had a good time though, and we look forward to another year of wine videos! Thanks!



Should Dan continue to bleep Chas, or should he just let it roll?

Dan picked out a bottle he had enjoyed at tastings over the summer, and Chas picked out two that he hadn’t tried yet but wanted to. We put them into bags for a single blind tasting and are happy to say that we enjoyed all 3! They’re all reliable local producers that are always worth checking in on. We get a little bit of A.V.A. education from the experience as well. In the show, we taste the following 2011 Crowley Laurel Hood Pinot Noir, the 2011 Love and Squalor Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, and the 2011 Matello Durant Vineyard Pinot Noir.


What is the best blind tasting you’ve been to?

Chas has been planning a blind Chardonnay show for a while. We got lots of good feedback about Episode 162, a blind sparkling wine show, and we were inspired to repeat the format. He picked up three bottles of Chardonnay and invited our friend David over to join us. All bottles were double blind for Dan and David, and single blind for Chas. We had some great moments while recording the show, and we hope you have fun watching it. We taste the 2008 Elio Grasso Educato Langhe Chardonnay, the 2010 Domaine LeFlaive Macon Verze, and the 2011 Evesham Wood Le Puits Sec Chardonnay.


What was the biggest miss you’ve ever had in a blind tasting?

It’s been far too long since we’ve done a blind show. We realized that we had three similarly priced bottles Oregon Pinot Noir on hand for shows, and thought that they’d be fun to do blind. All three AVA’s are represented, and the wines are all from respected producers and vineyards. I’m sure plenty of viewers have tasted these wines, so we’d like to hear your thoughts on them in the comments. We taste the 2009 Arterberry Maresh Dundee Hills Pinot Noir, the 2009 Shea Wine Cellars Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir, and the 2009 Evening Land Seven Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir.


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