We pulled together three bottles that we were very excited about for this week’s show. All three come from producers we’re fond of, and are bottles we either were excited to try, or excited to share with you. We’ve got the 2013 Kramer Brut Zero Dosage, the 2014 Analemma Pinot Noir Rose, and the 2014 Walter Scott Seven Springs Pinot Noir.

Our friend Matt has a colleague that was able to bring some wine back from India for us to try. We had heard that good bottles can be found, and were excited to try something new and so difficult to find. This was shot immediately following last week’s show, which explains why things are louder and less coherent than most episodes. It wasn’t so much fun to edit, but it was fun to film. We taste the Sula Brut Blanc de Blanc, the 2014 Seagram’s Nine Hills Chenin Blanc, and the 2013 Seagram’s Nine Hills Shiraz. If you have ever had Turkish, Lebanese, or Israeli wine that you’d recommend, please share your thoughts!

Our friend Catherine with Balzac Marketing sent us a few more samples from Franciacorta. We had tasted three others back in episode 189, and were interested in trying a few more to see what they were like. Franciacorta is a cool region in Northern Italy that has been a DOCG since 1995. All of the wines with this name are made with method traditionelle, and can be made of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc. On this show, we taste the Antica Fratta Franciacorta Essence Brut 2007, the Cavalleri Franciacorta Blanc de Blancs, and the Lantieri Francia Corta Brut. What do you think of the new website?

We had a good time tasting blind sparkling wine last year, and it was well received. The decision to do it again was easy. Thanks to Matt for the Japanese monkey blind bags. We now have two sets of blind bags to choose from! Chas picked out the wines, so they were single blind for him, and double blind for Dan. In the monkey socks were the Mont Marcal Brut Cava Reserva, the Sokol Blosser Evolution Sparkling Wine, and the Andre Clouet Champagne.


If you’re buying sparkling wine for $25 or less that isn’t from Champagne or California, what do you pick?

Chas picked up a couple of bottles from Storyteller Wine Company last week, and they came in handy when we decided to do a show on fairly short notice. We weren’t sure that we’d get one together this week, but everything worked out. These two wines are current releases, and very nice examples of what sparkling wines without dosage can taste like. We taste the 2011 Kramer Brut Zero Dosage, and the Syncline Scintillation. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBJvktd2hGw   What are some of your favorite sparkling wines from the West Coast of the United States?

Franciacorta is a region in Italy that makes high quality sparkling wine in the same style of Champagne. We were introduced to the region last year, and our friends from Balzac Communications gave us a few samples to check out. Our friend David Speer runs Ambonnay, Portland’s sparkling wine only wine bar, and agreed to join us. We taste the 2007 Contadi Castaldi Saten, the Ricci Curbastro Brut, and the il Mosnel Brut.


Why aren’t you drinking more Riesling?

Dan took a tasting trip to Yakima recently, and brought back 3 bottles to taste on the show. Yakima produces a wide range of wines as well as a few small AVA’s. We have a good range of styles here with the 2012 Bonair Riesling, the Treveri Extra-Brut, and the 2009 Gilbert Cellars Allobroges.


What is the weirdest wine cocktail you’ve ever tasted?

Dan picked out a couple of bottles of Pinot Noir based rose wine for this week’s show. Both had been good in the past, and both showed brilliantly when tasted this time. Both come from unique vineyards and represent some really original wine growing and wine making. Wines like this are a big reason that Oregon is such an exciting place to explore. They also show that Pinot Noir can deliver great things in unconventional wines as well as traditional ones. We taste the 2011 Teutonic Wine Company Brut Rose from the Wahlstrom Vineyard, and the 2011 Analemma Columbia Gorge Rose.


What was the last vehicle you purchased?

We wanted to do a sparkling wine show for the New Year episode this year. Chas suggested that we do a 3 bottle blind show with a bottle each from Champagne, Oregon, and California. Dan loved the idea, so here it is. All of the wines were selected by Chas, and bagged before the start of the show. We don’t do too well at guessing the origin, but they all make a good showing as simple sparklers.  We taste the Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Champagne, the 2009 Argyle Brut, and the Roederer Estate Brut.


What is your favorite sparkling wine?

We met Kim Kramer about a year ago when our friend Beau moved to Oregon. At various social events, we discussed the new things she was doing at her family winery, Kramer Vineyards, and her excitement for their vineyards. A few tastings of their wines proved enjoyable, and we finally managed to schedule a visit to the winery to do an interview. They have some unique vineyards and an ambitious Brut program, and we hope you enjoy Kim’s insights as we discuss the wine. In this show, we taste the 2010 Kramer Vineyards Brut, the 2010 Kramer Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir, the 2010 Kramer Vineyards Cardiac Hill Pinot Noir, and the 2010 Kramer Vineyards Estate Müller-Thurgau.


What is your favorite kombucha?