Earlier this summer, while it was hot, we shot a show with four Rose wines. Chas picked up three, and William Marie Wines was kind enough contribute a sample. The season has passed us, but these would still be enjoyable to have on hand if you find a bottle. We taste the 2016 Analemma Columbia Gorge Rose, the 2017 Miraval Provence Rose, the 2017 McKinlay Willamette Valley Rose, and the 2017 William Marie Columbia Valley Rose.


Our friend Beau joins us again to talk about his wines. We talked about his Tempranillo and Petit Verdot in an earlier show, and this week he brought along some wines he’s released since then. He’s continued to work with a number of different varieties of grapes and styles, and created interesting and delicious wines with all of them. For this show, we taste Random Wine Company’s 2013 Gamay Noir Rose, 2013 Gamay Noir / Pinot Noir Blend, 2013 Cabernet Franc, and the 2013 Syrah / Viognier blend. If there was a movie you had to watch over and over forever, what would it be?

We had such a good time talking and tasting with Byron when we visited the Seven of Hearts tasting room that we decided to do two shows. He works with fruit from the Columbia Valley as well as the Willamette Valley, and we wanted to make a separate show out of some of his bigger reds. We settled on his Rhone style wines, tasting the 2011 Grenache, Mourvedre, and GSM.


Tell us about the Grenache and Mourvedre you’ve had in the past. What have you tasted? What stood out to you?

We tasted the Poet’s Leap Riesling from Longshadow on an earlier episode, but neither of us have had much experience with their reds. Dan came across some half bottles recently, and we both thought that they’d make for a fun show. We taste the 2006 Sequel Syrah and the 2005 Chester Kidder.

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What famous wine maker outside of the United States would you like to see do a project in the States?

Chas and I visited a couple of wineries over Memorial Day weekend, and we wanted to share some of our personal favorites with our viewers. It was a great weekend out, with every winery putting their best foot forward, pouring great wines, and being very welcoming and hospitable. These were all wines that we purchased for ourselves, and we encourage you to check them out if you get a chance. For the show, we taste the 2009 Scott Paul Meursault, the 2009 Biggio Hamina Zenith Pinot Noir, and the 2007 Cana’s Feast Sangiovese.

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What were you drinking over Memorial Day Weekend?

We received samples from the generous folks at Long Shadows and Southard Wineries, and Chas picked up two more Washington Rieslings to include in the show. As we taste more Riesling from the Pacific NorthWest, we’re starting to get a feel for what Oregon has to offer, but we’ve still got a lot to learn about the strengths of Washington Riesling. We were pleased to see a good showing from all 4 bottles, which certainly exceeded our expectations. Well done Washington! We tasted the 2008 Efeste Evergreen Vineyard Riesling, the 2009 Poet’s Leap from Longshadow, the 2008 Columbia Valley Riesling from Southard, and the 2008 Gilbert Cellars Columbia Valley Riesling.

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Long Shadows – http://www.longshadows.com/wines

Southard – http://www.southardwinery.com/wines.html


Recommend some current release wines for us to do on a show!