For this show, we wanted to check in on some Oregon Pinot Noir that we’ve been holding on to for a few years. Some of these wines have been on the show before, but they, like us, have aged. We try the 2010 DePonte Cellars Dundee Hills Pinot Noir, the 2012 J Christopher Sarah Adele Pinot Noir, and the 2011 Domaine Drouhin Dundee Hills Pinot Noir.

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We’ve got some great samples on hand this week, and want to say thanks to Ed from William Marie and Dixie from Trellis for reaching out to us. We’ve got a 2015 Knudsen Vineyards Chardonnay from one of Oregon’s old vineyards, and an early adopter of the Dijon clones in Oregon. Ed from William Marie Wines sent us a bottle of his debut commercial release! This is a 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Firethorn Vineyard in the Columbia Valley. It’s easy to say yes to samples like these, and we hope you enjoy hearing about them.

Matt brought out 3 bottles from Scott Paul Wines, all from 2013, and each representing a different AVA. He joins us, and we discuss the vintage a bit, as well as the recent transition at Scott Paul. Specifically, we have the D122 from Ribbon Ridge, the Bedrock from the Dundee Hills, and the Azana from Chehalem Mountains.

Dan found Cameron’s 2014 Willamette Valley and Dundee Hills Chardonnays at a store recently, and realized blinding them together would make a good show. To make it three wines, a natural addition would be one of Cameron’s well known single vineyard bottlings, a 2013 Cameron Abbey Ridge. They take a little longer to release, so the vintages don’t match, but they are all current releases. These wines are always worth checking in on, and we’re happy to get them on the show. What blind show should we do next?

Dan and Jack met a few years ago, and through social media it’s been clear that we share a lot of favorites. He does great work with his tour company, which is currently changing names from Backroads wine tours to Backcountry wine tours. He visits a lot of our favorite places, and we wanted to get him on the show to talk about his experiences in the Willamette Valley, as well as discuss a few bottles. For the show, we taste the 2013 Purple Hands Holstein Vineyard, the 2013 Crowley Dundee Hills, and the 2014 Storyteller Wine. Is terroir real? What are the most stand-out aspects of it?

While visiting Elk Cove recently, Chas was really impressed with their 2011 La Boheme Brut Rose. He picked up a bottle for a show, and selected two more of his favorite Oregon sparkling Rose wines to join it. These are the 2014 Johan Vineyards Petillant Naturel Pinot Noir, and the Kramer Vineyards 2014 Celebrate Rose of Pinot Noir.  What is the best sparkling rose you’ve had from an unexpected region?

A while back, our friends David and Heidi invited us to do a vertical of Domaine Drouhin Laurene with them, to capture a snapshot of how these wines evolve, and see how the vintages taste alongside each other. We were thrilled to have the opportunity, and enjoyed the entire line-up. Domaine Drouhin Oregon has a history of producing great wines here, and this barrel selection is always worth checking out. This will be the first with the “A View From The Cellar” title, which we want to use for shows looking at older vintages, or interesting personal collections. Does Veronique agree with our tasting notes?


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Part 2:

John Grochau has previously been on Episode 85 and Episode 124, but it’s been a while since we’ve gotten to chat with him about his latest projects. Grochau Cellars has moved into the old Brooks tasting room, in the Eola Amity Hills, and he brought a handful of new wines for us to taste together. In this episode, he gives us some thoughts on the different AVA’s and some things he’s learned over the years he’s spent making wine. Together we taste the Grochau Cellars 2014 Pinot Blanc, 2013 Gamay Noir, 2012 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir, and the 2012 Eola Amity Pinot Noir. If you could plant any grape in Oregon that isn’t already here, what would you plant?

This show was a chance for us to check in on some bottles we’ve been curious about for a while. We had heard good things about McKinlay, but weren’t familiar with it, we were excited to taste wine from Marcus Goodfellow’s new project, and we’re always interested in tasting Evesham Wood’s Estate bottling. This show turned into a great example of what you can get at this price point, and we can enthusiastically recommend all three wines. Shown here are the 2012 McKinlay Willamette Valley Special Selection Pinot Noir, the 2012 Evesham Wood Le Puits Sec Pinot Noir, and the 2012 Goodfellow Family Cellars Durant Vineyard Pinot Noir.


What is the most archaic piece of computer equipment you still have around?

This show features Dan’s selections of two wines from different vintages. At a recent visit to Brooks near Amity, Dan ended up talking with winemaker Chris Williams about his personal label, Terue. We’re both fans of his current 2011 Dry Muscat. He said that he made a Pinot Noir in 2010 with fruit from the York Hill Vineyard in the Columbia Gorge, and has been aging it until he felt it was ready. He thinks that it’s doing pretty well now, and offered us a sample bottle to taste. For the second wine, Dan picked up a bottle of 2012 Timothy Malone Pinot Noir after it made a good impression in a tasting. The wines are very different, letting Pinot Noir show off a little of its complexity.




What vintages from the recent past would you like to see us taste in future episodes?