For this show we picked some Chardonnay that we’ve heard good things about. Dan had tasted the 2014 Twill Willamette Valley Chardonnay at an event, and the 2014 Twill Johan Vineyards Chardonnay and the 2015 Granville Willamette Valley Chardonnay came as recommendations from friends. It’s great to see this kind of quality coming out of new producers, and we’re happy to share these wines.

Chas picked up a great blind show last week, with bottles from three interesting producers from three different regions of the Willamette Valley. He suggested tasting them blind, and proved to be fun and interesting. We taste the 2012 Belle Pente Estate Reserve Pinot Noir, the 2014 Day Wines Johan Vineyards Pinot Noir, and the 2013 Brick House Cuvee du Tonnelier Pinot Noir. Do you love heating pads?

Chas picked up a couple of bottles of Pinot Gris for this show. However, these two aren’t the typical $7.50 quick and easy Gris that you can find all over the place. These come from two of our favorite producers, and they both represent some interesting and intentional decisions. We taste the 2011 Eyrie Vineyards Original Vines Pinot Gris, and the 2011 Johan Vineyards Drueskall.


What was a grape that you disliked at first, and liked later?

We received a sample of the 2011 Konkret Chardonnay from Johan Vineyards and wanted to try it out on a show. At first we thought about pairing it with another Chardonnay. Since this was a pretty unique style of Chardonnay for Oregon though, we decided to pair it with something completely different to keep the impressions distinct. The Albariño from Abacela is always worth checking out, so we picked up the 2012 bottling.


Are you a fan of any other wines that are made in concrete?


Check out Chris’s German wine blog, Wine-zeit.

Johan Vineyards is one of our favorite producers, and we always enjoy tasting and visiting. We got to do a show at the winery on the release date of their new label, “Farmlands”. All of the wines were delicious, and we get some great insight into biodynamic farming. These two guys really care about the land they work with and the wine they produce, and we’re excited to share their thoughts with you as well as our thoughts on some of their wines. We taste a barrel sample of the 2011 Johan Vineyards Grüner Veltliner, the 2011 Farmlands White Table Wine, the 2011 Farmlands Pinot Noir, and the 2009 Johan Vineyards Three Barrel Pinot Noir.


Is biodynamic or organic farming important to you when shopping for wine or produce?

We celebrate this year’s Christmas episode with two of our favorite bottles of Oregon Pinot Noir from 2008. We taste the 2008 Johan Vineyards Three Barrel and the 2008 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Laurene.

Tell us about the wine you’re drinking over Christmas!

We stick with Oregon for this episode, and we get into some 2009 Chardonnay from producers we respect, and from bottles we’ve had good experiences with in previous vintages. We taste the 2009 Domaine Drouhin Arthur Chardonnay, the 2009 Johan Vineyards Reserve Chardonnay, and the 2009 Evesham Wood Le Puits Sec Chardonnay.
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What’s your take on white wine from 2009?

Johan Vineyards is one of our favorite local producers, and they invited us down to their winery near Rickreall Oregon to discuss some new releases with the owner, Dag Johan Sundby, and the viticulturist and winemaker, Dan Rinke. Johan Vineyards stands out to us because of the consistent quality of their wine, and their focus on sustainable farming. We don’t get into it on the show, but they farm all of their estate fruit bio-dynamically, and they are passionate about taking care of the land as an essential part of production. We do get into some great discussions on the characteristics of their vineyards, and on some of their ideas for the future. As you can see, these guys are passionate about what they do, and focused on creating wines that are interesting and delicious. They have a lot of great information on their website, about their wine, people, and imagery, and as you can see in the show, we feel their current releases are excellent.

We taste the 2009 Pinot Gris Drueskall, the 2008 Chardonnay Reserve, the 2008 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, and the 2008 Nils Reserve Pinot Noir.

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Do you prefer old world style wines, or new world style?

Happy New Year friends and fans! We’ve wanted to do a Pinot Gris episode for a while, so we decided to avoid the cliche’ bubbly tonight, and taste a less popular varietal instead. A favorite of ours was in the mix, and we were both nervous that our previous impressions wouldn’t hold up. But, that’s part of the reason for doing it blind. The truth comes out!

Part 1:


Part 2:



What was your landmark wine of 2009?