We’ve featured wines from Weingut Ackermann in the past, and the Junglen family in Zeltingen have been among our earliest and best friends in Germany thanks to introductions from Ewald Moseler and Barnaby and Olga Tuttle. We are very excited to bring you a conversation with Anne. With her husband Harald, she is the second generation of the winery. They run an estate of about 3 hectares (~7 acres), and do all the farming, wine making, and selling. They make excellent Riesling from all three Zeltinger vineyards, and run a great guest house in the village. Their son Marius has studied wine making all over the world, including a harvest with Fausse Piste here in Oregon, and has returned to Germany. He works full time in the cellar at Markus Molitor, and still makes time to begin his wine making at the family estate. We taste a 2016 Kabinett from the Zeltinger Sonnenuhr made by Harald, and one made by Marius, as well as a 2015 Spatlese from the Schlossberg that is consistently one of my favorite German wines. Finally, we get a blind taste of something special from the treasure chamber!

We’re happy to have another interview to share with Daniel Immich of Weingut Immich Anker, in the village of Enkirch on the Mosel in Germany. We talk about his current release of Sekt, an interesting bottle of his Eisbruch dry wines, and get introduced to little Maya. The Sekt and the Brut Nature Sekt are both from the 2013 vintage, and the Eisbruch is from 2016.

We’re back, with an episode we shot early last summer. A friend gave us a case of miscellaneous wines around 10 years old, and we decided to taste them on camera to see what survived and what did not. Since it was an experiment for us too, we decided to just taste the whole flight on camera, so you can see how everything fared.  There were surprises for good and for bad, and hopefully you find some of the good surprises to be interesting data points for Oregon white wine.

Episode 349: A Mixed Trio

October 6, 2017

We had some samples on hand that we wanted to get through before Dan takes off for a couple of months. So, we opened the bottles, and tasted through to find a couple of favorites. Then, we added a special bottle of German wine that we’ve been wanting to talk about. We taste the 2016 La Randonee Russel Grooters Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, the 2014 Ledger David Syrah, and the 2016 Ewald Moseler Erdener Treppchen Riesling Kabinett.

This week brings us a pair of Pinot Noirs and a Riesling. We received some samples of Rain Dance Vineyards thanks to Trellis, and enjoyed the 2016 Nicholas Vineyard Rose of Pinot Noir and the 2016 Nicholas Vineyard Estate Riesling. Dan had also picked up a bottle of the 2015 Guillen Family Vineyards Esteban Pinot Noir.

While visiting Southern Oregon, Chas stopped by the Brandborg tasting room in Elkton. He enjoyed the stop, and noticed a table full of library wines. At only $20 a piece, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick up a five year vertical centered on 2007. That’s an average of 10 years old across the five wines! We’re thrilled to bring content like this, and hope you enjoy these wines from one of Oregon’s newest AVA’s.

Jeff Vejr and John House are the winemakers for Golden Cluster and Ovum, respectively. These two wineries are on the cutting edge of Oregon wine, working with fascinating vineyards and grapes, and digging deep into our state’s wine history. They teamed up to open up Les Caves, on NE Alberta in Portland, providing a great space to taste their wines, as well as a great range of fascinating wine from around the world. The use a Coravin to let them do glass pours of older bottles which means they can serve unusually and older wines that way as well as by the bottle. For the show, we taste the 2016 Ovum Big Salt white blend, the 2015 Ovum Off The Grid Riesling, the 2015 Golden Cluster Savagnin Rose, and the 2014 Golden Cluster Ode To Chuck Semillon.

Matt Berson of Love & Squalor wines reached out to us to do a show about some new wines he made, and we’re happy that we were able to find a time to make it happen. He’s loved blending every wine he’s released in the past, but with these wines, he was inspired to bottle a tiny amount of single vineyard wines. There are only 25 cases of these single vineyard wines, and we’re thrilled to have their release coincide with this show. Matt has agreed to offer a 15% discount code to folks who watch the show, and you can get the discount code near the end of the episode. We taste the 2014 Sunnyside Vineyard Riesling, the 2014 Wings of Desire, the 2014 Temperance Hill Pinot Noir, and the 2014 Sunny Mountain Pinot Noir. We hope you get a chance to order a few of these before they disappear!

Episode 331: A Mix Of Wine

February 25, 2017

After some time away, Dan picked a mix of wines for this show. The Tripod Project in Portland always makes fun wines with input from three great local wine makers. This week, we taste their Triple Fist Gamay Noir. Daniel Immich has been a favorite German producer since we met way back in Episode 175. Garagiste brought in some of the Immich Anker 2015 Eisbruch Riesling Trocken, and we wanted to taste it to encourage you to keep an eye out for future offers. Finally, we found the 2015 Kees Kieren Erdener Treppchen Spatlese ** Auction Wine in Portland, and were very excited to try another rare find.

We’re both big fans of wines from Paetra and Brooks and were excited to do this show. Both put a lot of effort into not only delivering high quality Riesling in the glass, but also careful farming and dedication to expressing place. Both make multiple types of Riesling, looking to express different character in each one. We’re always interested in what they do, and are happy to talk about some of them today. From Brooks we taste the 2014 Muska Riesling and the 2014 Orchards Fold Riesling. From Paetra, we taste the 2015 Eola Amity Hills Riesling.