Earlier this summer, while it was hot, we shot a show with four Rose wines. Chas picked up three, and William Marie Wines was kind enough contribute a sample. The season has passed us, but these would still be enjoyable to have on hand if you find a bottle. We taste the 2016 Analemma Columbia Gorge Rose, the 2017 Miraval Provence Rose, the 2017 McKinlay Willamette Valley Rose, and the 2017 William Marie Columbia Valley Rose.


This week brings us a pair of Pinot Noirs and a Riesling. We received some samples of Rain Dance Vineyards thanks to Trellis, and enjoyed the 2016 Nicholas Vineyard Rose of Pinot Noir and the 2016 Nicholas Vineyard Estate Riesling. Dan had also picked up a bottle of the 2015 Guillen Family Vineyards Esteban Pinot Noir.

As we finally get into summer here in Oregon, we’re happy to share a couple of Roses of Pinot Noir that Dan has enjoyed recently. We’re also happy to have gotten through our technical difficulties, and to be back online. This week, we taste the 2016 Rose from Domaine Douhin Oregon, and the 2016 Rose from Dion Vineyards.

While setting up episode 320 with Ewald, he told us that he is also representing Indian wine from Grover Zampa. Since we had only had a couple of Indian wines before, in episode 273, we were interested in trying these. Grover Zampa has put a lot of work into putting Indian wine on the international stage, and it was great to see what they are making.

We pulled together three bottles that we were very excited about for this week’s show. All three come from producers we’re fond of, and are bottles we either were excited to try, or excited to share with you. We’ve got the 2013 Kramer Brut Zero Dosage, the 2014 Analemma Pinot Noir Rose, and the 2014 Walter Scott Seven Springs Pinot Noir.

Division Wine Company recently released three different bottlings of Gamay Noir, and it started a discussion about getting some of them on the show. Tom and Kate agreed to meet with us, and brought a couple of interesting bottles to go along with two of their own wines. The reputation of Oregon’s Gamay Noir continues to grow, and we enjoyed the insights these two brought during this episode. We taste the 1996 Amity Vineyards Oregon Gamay Noir, the 2015 Division Villages L’Avoiron Rose of Gamay Noir, the 2014 James Rahn Havlin Vineyard Gamay Noir, and the 2015 Division Villages Les Petits Fers Gamay Noir.

Our friend Jess joined the team at Brooks a while ago, and we’re happy to have finally had a chance to get her on the show. In Episode 207, we talked about the history of the vineyards with Don Byard. In this show we discuss some of the current releases, and Jess’s thoughts on local vineyards, and what she thinks about Oregon Riesling in a global context. We taste the 2011 Brooks Rastaban Pinot Noir, the 2014 Brooks Rose, the 2013 Brooks Oak Ridge Gewurztraminer, the 2012 Brooks Ara Riesling, and the 2007 Brooks Willamette Valley Riesling. What is your gateway Riesling?

Our friend Beau joins us again to talk about his wines. We talked about his Tempranillo and Petit Verdot in an earlier show, and this week he brought along some wines he’s released since then. He’s continued to work with a number of different varieties of grapes and styles, and created interesting and delicious wines with all of them. For this show, we taste Random Wine Company’s 2013 Gamay Noir Rose, 2013 Gamay Noir / Pinot Noir Blend, 2013 Cabernet Franc, and the 2013 Syrah / Viognier blend. If there was a movie you had to watch over and over forever, what would it be?

Our curiosity got the better of us, and after seeing them on the shelves for quite a while, we had to try the Underwood wines from the can. We went into it with pretty low expectations, but at $6 per can, the competition isn’t too stiff either. We taste their Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and Rose wine on this show. What’s the biggest wine surprise you’ve had lately?

We were going to do more Pinot Noir this week, but it got a little warmer, and we felt inspired to do Rose this week instead. Chas picked up the 2014 Anne Amie Cuvee A Midnight Saignee and the 2014 Teutonic Laurel Vineyard Rose. Dan found the 2014 Illahe Estate Tempranillo Rose. What’s your favorite drink after a big workout?