Dan has known Tal Caspi for a number of years, and enjoyed his food at a carts and pop-ups. When he opened Aviv on SE Division, he reached out and asked us to join him in the restaurant for a show to introduce some local wines that we like. We brought some current release that we’ve enjoyed recently, and want to thank Vincent and Olga for confirming their fining methods as we made our selections. Together, we taste the 2015 Vincent Tardives Chardonnay, the 2016 Teutonic Wine Company Recorded in Doubly, and the 2015 Teutonic Wine Company Bergspitze.

This week we have a trio of wines Dan was interested in. All three come from local producers who have done well for themselves over the past few years, making interesting wines with a distinct style. We have the 2015 Bow & Arrow Le Chenaie Sauvignon Blanc, the 2013 Johan Visdom Chardonnay, and the 2014 Teutonic Wine Company 459 Pinot Noir and Gamay blend. What do you want for Christmas?

We’ve got three bottles this week from producers most of us know. The 2014 Teutonic Battle Wine and the 2014 Overjoy are new to both of us, and we were excited to try them.  Chas had tasted the 2014 Twelve Yamhill Carlton in the tasting room, and wanted to put it on an episode. What’s your favorite entry level Oregon Pinot Noir?

We continue to talk Riesling to promote the 2016 Riesling Invasion on July 23rd. Chas went on a shopping spree during the day, and picked out 4 bottles for this show from 3 different countries. From Austria, we have the 2014 Alzinger Loibenberg Federspiel. From the USA, we’ve got the Teutonic Wine Company 2015 Crow Valley Riesling. And, from Germany we have the 2014 AJ Adam Riesling Trocken, and the 2014 Von Winning Grainhubel GG. Comment on the show! Win some tickets! What’s the best GG you’ve ever tasted?

After doing last week’s show, we decided to follow up with one for Christmas. Chas had collected three bottles of Oregon Riesling for a show, and tonight was as good as any. Apologies to those of you who were hoping for Sauternes. We still have a nice bit of variety here, and hope you enjoy it. We taste the 2014 Teutonic Wine Company Crow Valley Riesling, the 2013 Reustle Engedi and Onyx Bloc Riesling, and the 2012 Medici Vineyard Riesling. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?


We were going to do more Pinot Noir this week, but it got a little warmer, and we felt inspired to do Rose this week instead. Chas picked up the 2014 Anne Amie Cuvee A Midnight Saignee and the 2014 Teutonic Laurel Vineyard Rose. Dan found the 2014 Illahe Estate Tempranillo Rose. What’s your favorite drink after a big workout?

German wine maker Daniel Immich came to Portland for a promotional tour of the West Coast, and we were lucky enough to get him back on the show. Barnaby Tuttle from the Teutonic Wine Company joined us as well. The two of them took on an ambitious project to make a blend of Mosel and Oregon Riesling, and we taste the blend, and the two base wines together on the show. “The Bridge” is a blend of 2012 Riesling from Germany and Oregon. The two base wines are the 2012 Immich Anker Eisbruch Riesling Trocken, and the 2012 Teutonic Wine Company Crow Valley Riesling.



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Barnaby Tuttle was kind enough to join us for another show to discuss some current releases from the Teutonic Wine Company. He shares some stories from the vintage and talks about his newest Riesling plantings as we taste the 2012 Crow Valley Gewuztraminer, the 2012 Feine Mischung, and the 2011 Bergspitze Pinot Noir.


Why are people still afraid to drink Riesling?

Daniel Immich makes wine at Immich-Anker in Enkirch, in the Mosel Valley of Germany. Here’s a link to see where that is.

He was visiting Portland, and kindly agreed to do a show with us! His family has been making wine in Enkirch since the 1400’s, and he shares some information about a historic vineyard and a unique wine he’s making with our local friends and importers, the Teutonic Wine Company. They import his wine to the USA, so contact them if you’d like to pick some up.  On the show, we taste the 2009 Riesling Sekt Brut, the 2011 Eisbruch Riesling Trocken, and the unlreleased “Bridge Wine”.


Have you ever visited the Mosel Valley?

Dan picked out a couple of bottles of Pinot Noir based rose wine for this week’s show. Both had been good in the past, and both showed brilliantly when tasted this time. Both come from unique vineyards and represent some really original wine growing and wine making. Wines like this are a big reason that Oregon is such an exciting place to explore. They also show that Pinot Noir can deliver great things in unconventional wines as well as traditional ones. We taste the 2011 Teutonic Wine Company Brut Rose from the Wahlstrom Vineyard, and the 2011 Analemma Columbia Gorge Rose.


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